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4 Ekim Saat 19:35 Yukarıbey
5 Ekim Saat 15:50 BerKM
5 Ekim Saat 19:35 Aziziye
6 Ekim Saat 19:35 Aşağıkırıklar

2015 | 67 minutes


Alkım Ün

Food production starts in small puddles in wetlands. This production reaches enormous amounts through food chain. The documentary “Wetland” tells the story of freshwater. The story starts on top of the mountains and continues along with freshwater, reaches plains, deltas and sea. The wetlands provide human-beings with numerous benefits, in its due course. On the one hand, the documentary tells us this journey of fresh water, on the other hand, it teaches us very interesting details about micro organisms, fish, birds, agriculture, husbandry and the history of civilisation. The production of “Wetland” took more than 3 years and it was shot in more than 30 lakes, rivers and swamps throughout Turkey. Aerial cameras were used, underwater shootings were carried out with custom-engineered cameras specifically for this film. It is planned that the documentary will be representing Turkey in various international documentary film festivals and competitions; it will be aired in several national and international TV channels. The narration is made by master broadcaster and producer İzzet Öz. Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) Pipeline Co. Environmental Investment Programme (EIP) funded and Nature Research Society (DAD) supervised the production. Script is written by Önder Cırık and original soundtrack is composed by Ali Delikara. The director is Alkım Ün. The duration of the documentary is 70 minutes.