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Wasty Talks

4 Ekim Saat 19:35 Yukarıbey
5 Ekim Saat 19:35 Aziziye
6 Ekim Saat 18:00 BerKM
6 Ekim Saat 19:35 Aşağıkırıklar

2017 | 12 minutes


Deniz Yapılcan & Defne Auf

Wasty Talk is a short environmental documentary about the excessive use of plastic and its negative effects on the marine environment. Prof. Dr. Levent Bat, his research assistant Ayşah Öztekin from Sinop University Faculty of fisheries and Doç.Dr. Sedat Gündoğdu from Çukurova University Faculty of Fisheries explains the significance of the plastic waste accumulation on earth and especially in the sea. Plastic is a man-made synthetic material, which never dissolves in nature. Plastics only break into smaller pieces which are called micro plastics. After that, they become more dangerous for marine animals, because those animals eat plastic by accident or by confusing it with food. In the plastic industry, most of the plastics that are being produced are for packaging. The single-use plastics create the most pollution since those plastic packages are used only once then thrown away. And it does not matter, where you have thrown the plastic away because they travel through winds and current system. This documentary takes those effects and consequences of plastic and explains them on a local basis by looking at the situation in Sinop, and Adana with the experts. It also includes plastic waste scenery from different cities in Turkey.